Annual Conference: Deepening Relationships with Our Neighbors!

Camp and Retreat Ministries' sites are held in trust with the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. With this large denominational partnership, we share our history and missional goals. Because both organizations truly cherish that relationship, Camp and Retreat programs are promoted heavily in United Methodist Churches and are attended by its members AND Camp and Retreat Ministries are always seeking ways to be relevant to the wide and varied contexts of local United Methodist Churches.

So it is in that spirit that we ask you to please pray for both the Oregon-Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences of the United Methodist Churches as they will be holding a first-ever joint session this coming week in Portland, Oregon! This will be an exciting time of meeting new people, experiencing vibrant worship, and reaching hands across the  mighty Columbia. As the two conferences continue to share resources - not out of desperation, but out of love and rational convenience - our two camping programs will undoubtedly be in conversation about how we cross-promote, share leadership, and be strategic around shared directions in mission.

Also, pray for our lay and clergy Camp and Retreat leaders attending conference that they make connections, deepen relationships, and be re-filled with the powerful flow of the Spirit!

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We Are Wired To Be Outside

Alton L. Collins Director Rev. Dan Benson shared this article and it deeply resonated with me. I wonder if you have any ideas about where we can solve the problem of people spending too much time programmed and inside? I've got six of them: Alton L. Collins Retreat Center, Camp Latgawa, Camp Magruder, Sawtooth Camp, Suttle Lake Camp, and Wallowa Lake Camp! Come and experience getting outdoors for yourself!

An Excerpt:

One of the things I found out was that most people are not that happy when they are at work. They’re happiest when they are on vacations, with friends, making or listening to music. One of the surprising finds was that they’re also very, very happy when they are outside.

The epidemic dislocation from the outdoors, as I call it, has been occurring for the last several decades but has gone very little remarked upon. Children, adults, we are all spending vastly less amounts of time outside than we used to. For example, 70 percent of today’s mothers in the U.S. recalled playing outdoors every day as children but only 26 percent of them say their kids play outside daily. That’s a huge change. After school, kids used to come home, meet up with their friends, and go run around the neighborhood. I used to do that. Now kids are totally scheduled. If they are outside, it’s with adults in some organized sporting activity. There’s not that free, exploratory play that a lot of experts think children need in order to gain a strong sense of themselves and learn social skills and problem solving.

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