Dear Friend,

In Oregon and Idaho there is a strong commitment at our camps to provide welcoming, safe communities where lives can be transformed in Christ. Last summer 538 children and youth campers explored the natural environment, their inner being, spirituality, their relationship with others, and the world around them through United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries programs. Quality experiences are only possible with strong leadership. We are so grateful to the many volunteers and staff that contribute to this ministry.

Camp Magruder, Latgawa, and Suttle Lake have joined together to start a new leadership program. Together these camps are hiring 8 young adults to be traveling resident counselors to work alongside our volunteers and staffs for 8 weeks of camp programs spread out among these three sites. These young leaders gain valuable training and life skills, and our camps are strengthened by consistent leadership. We are investing in training that equips these leaders to better lead small groups, worship experiences, and faith sharing all while being very present with our campers in daily camp life. We are also committed to supporting these leaders through mentoring and opportunities for personal spiritual reflection. The resident counselor program was piloted in 2016, and our camps were rewarded with strong and energetic leadership.

As we continue the resident counselor program in 2017, we ask you to consider being our partner. We ask for your prayers for these leaders and the camp. Please consider making the commitment to being a prayer partner to one specific counselor through the summer, lifting them in prayer and offering encouragement through their adventures. We are also seeking drivers willing to drive a camp van during one or more of the transitions from site to site, allowing counselors to safely travel and get some down time in route. Please also consider making a financial gift to support these efforts, as we are not yet able to include this increase in expenses in camp fees. A first-year counselor is paid $325 per week, earning up to $2,925 during the summer. In making financial contributions, giving of your time to drive, or committing to be a prayer partner you are making an investment in strengthening our camping ministry and supporting young leaders in their development.

As you prayerfully consider how you might support these efforts, please contact us with any questions. Financial contributions are tax deductible. We appreciate your consideration.

In Christ’s Love,

Jane Petke | Director of Suttle Lake Camp |

Hope Montgomery | Program Director of Camp Magruder

Sam Grainger | Director of Camp Latgawa |