October 31, 2017
Vol.6 Issue 10.5

Tonight is All Hallow's Eve and tomorrow is All Saints' Day.  I learned today that hallow as a noun means saint! 

So while the culture at large is celebrating Halloween (all-hallow-evening) with a combination of Celtic, occult, and commercial images and traditions, it might be good for us to reflect on what we confess as Christians about death and the afterlife.  

While we may or may not believe in ghosts per se, we do affirm that the church is made up of both the living and the dead, and that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  Those who have gone before us in the faith are still somehow present with us to encourage, instruct and enliven our own faith.  

How will you and your congregation honor and give thanks for the saints?

One way might be to find out some about the saints who are serving as United Methodist missionaries!  These are folks who make a commitment on behalf of all of us to serve Christ beyond their home culture.  One of the benefits of our connectional system is that you and I can have an impact throughout the world by supporting UM missionaries in the wonderful work they do.  See the article below for more information.

Thank you for being the Body of Christ in the world!  Let us know how we can help!


Linda Grund-Clampit
Cascadia District Administrative Assistant

The United Methodist Church in Mission

I am a Missionary GBGM video 4


United Methodist Missionaries serve from everywhere to everywhere!

In more than 60 countries around the world, United Methodist missionaries come from many places and backgrounds and witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures.

They engage in a range of activities and professions including pastors, educators, congregational and leadership developers, regional coordinators for UMCOR, agriculturalists, health coordinators, and doctors.

Learn about our missionaries and how they live their faith through their remarkable work:

  •  The General Board of Global Ministries has a new YouTube video series called "I am a Missionary."  These videos are one and a half to three and a half minutes long.  They are perfect to share during worship or a small group study.  Six videos have been released so far.  Find them here.
  • Choose a missionary's name on the website to visit his/her bio or explore a part of the world using the UMC mission map at

Pray for them and their ministry.

Share news of United Methodist missionaries at your church. Use these featured resources to help.

Give to the total project of missionaries serving around the world. or support a specific missionary by selecting a name from the drop-down list at

Partner with a missionary through a Covenant Relationship.

A Prayer Meditation for All Saints Day

communion of saints tapestryPhoto by Zeetz Jones of the Communion of the Saints Tapestries created by artist John Nava for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.  Used with permission under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0



We give you thanks, O God, for all the saints who ever worshiped you
Whether in brush arbors or cathedrals,
Weathered wooden churches or crumbling cement meeting houses
Where your name was lifted and adored.

We give you thanks, O God, for hands lifted in praise:
Manicured hands and hands stained with grease or soil,
Strong hands and those gnarled with age
Holy hands
Used as wave offerings across the land.

We thank you, God, for hardworking saints;
Whether hard-hatted or steel-booted,
Head ragged or aproned,
Blue-collared or three-piece-suited
They left their mark on the earth for you, for us, for our children to come.

Thank you, God, for the tremendous sacrifices made by those who have gone before us.
Bless the memories of your saints, God.
May we learn how to walk wisely from their examples of faith, dedication, worship, and love.

by Safiyah Fosua



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The UMC ReThink Church national advertising campaign for Advent taps into the wonder and awe of Christmas through the eyes of children. To accompany the campaign, they are offering a variety of resources to help local churches reach out to their communities and invite people to find a faith home during the Christmas season.

Outreach materials include postcards, doorhangers, invitation cards, banners, selfie stand. These are available in both printed and downloadable versions. 

Some resources are free, and some have a cost.  There is also a limited number of $400-off promo code available for purchased resources.  

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