Five Great Reasons to Send Your Children to Camp

This is a great article written by Audrey Monke, from Sunshine Parenting. Her insights come from experience operating Gold Arrow Camp in California. I especially like the detailed descriptions because she illustrates not only how children and youth can benefit from a camp experience, but how that time apart develops much needed parenting skills, too.

You can read the whole article here with the detailed descriptions, but (spoiler alert!) here are Audrey's five reasons great parents send their kids to camp:
  1. Develop Independence
  2. Experience Outdoor Childhood Fun and Adventure.
  3. Relax.
  4. Get Unplugged
  5. Become Better at Making and Keeping Friends

Cost Analysis: Theme Park vs. Grand Camp

A few weeks ago, we looked at what benefits your family more: Destination/theme park vacations or a week of family camp? If cost were equal, I believe camp is the better option. But someone asked me recently what the cost difference really was, so I did some research, found in the table below.

Given the extreme differences in price (almost 6 times!),wouldn't it be extra wise to go with the vacation that is less expensive, just as fun, AND specifically designed to strengthen your relationship with your children and/or grandchildren? Think about it...
2 Adults
2 Children (ages 10 and 12)
Grand Camp at Camp Magruder
(3 program days, 2 overnights)
That One Theme Park in
Southern California
(2 park days, 3 overnights)
Travel Gas (from Salem) $22.50 Gas (from Salem): $14.50
Airport Parking $50.00
Airfare: $1,100.00
Shuttle To/From Airport: $128.00
Room & Included
$550.00 (Based on least expensive advertised)
 (Breakfast included) $1,514.00
Food All Meals Included 5 Lunches and dinners out $400.00
SUBTOTAL $572.50 $3,206.50
Souvenirs* $200.00 $200.00
TOTAL $772.50 $3,406.50

*By the way, the $200.00 you might spend on souvenirs goes a lot further at the Camp Store!

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- Eric Conklin Assistant for Camp and Retreat Ministries
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