August is here, Sage District! It is a good time of year to indulge in outdoor experiences. And what better place to do that but the Sage district!  As the Eagle Cap Wilderness area of the Wallowa mountains demonstrates in the photo above, Sage District is a beautiful part of this world. Rejoice!

- Terri Bartish, Sage District Administrative Assistant (

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Celebrating Sage
How to Reach your District Superintendent
Thoughts from your Sage District Lay Leader
OR-ID Reconciling Ministries Gathering
Ordinary Revival Comes to Boise Area!
Magic Valley Ministries Planning January Trip to UMCOR West
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Rev. Karen Hernandez at Sawtooth

Celebrating Sage


For the past decade, I’ve lived no more than a mile from my office and have been appointed to a single community.  That all changed on July 1!  With a roughly 20-minute drive to/from the office and much longer car trips on a pretty regular basis, I’m finding that I have more time to listen.  I’ve never been one to listen to much music in the car, so I’ve been finding other wonderful things to listen to while I’m between where I’ve been and where I’m going.  So, I’ve just become a fan of podcasts.  (“The Liturgists” is a favorite!)  Other times, I know I need to listen within, to dig deeper in what I’m sharing with God and to listen more intently for what God is saying to me.  (So far, I’m doing this pretty well while driving—I think!)  I also did a lot of listening to God and to my own heart during my recent planning retreat at Sawtooth Camp, which happens to be a favorite listening place of mine. 

While serving local churches, it was invaluable to me to have colleagues who would listen as I shared my frustrations, dreams, questions, hurts, and joys.  Colloquy gatherings, a covenant group, mentoring (formal and otherwise), and friendships with respected colleagues have given me opportunities to learn while listening and while being heard.

Recognize this fine pastor? Pastor Ralph Lawrence dropped in!I want to listen to our Sage District pastors.  Especially now, while I’m very much learning about this job and the local churches with which I’m less familiar, listening to pastors share about their ministries is a real gift to me.  At this time a year ago, Gwen Drake was conducting one-on-ones with all of the Sage District pastors. I’m not scheduling anything that formal this summer, but I also don’t want to miss opportunities for connecting one-on-one with those who are leading congregations. 

(Recognize this fine pastor, pictured above?   Rev. Ralph Lawrence had some things to say that I needed to hear.  He scheduled a meeting and became my first Sage District visitor in the new office at the Amity Campus of Cathedral of the Rockies!)

I’m making an effort to let pastors know when I’m passing by their towns and churches, offering to stop and spend some time with them so I can listen to the stories of personal trials and celebrations in ministry, congregational challenges and opportunities, and whatever it is that needs to be shared.  Just last week I heard the Parish Collective folks ask me and others time and again, “What is God up to here?”  Listening to those answers is amazing!

You also don’t have to wait for me to offer.  You are welcome to text (208-697-4510) or email ( me to let me know that you have something to share, a story to tell, an idea to try out, or something that’s heavy on your heart.  If you can tell me what God is up to you your life/ministry/congregation/community, I want to hear it!  We’ll schedule a time when I can really listen to you. 


Rev. Karen Hernandez, Sage District Superintendent

How to Reach your District Superintendent

Rev. Karen has an office at Boise First's Amity Campus: 4464 S. Maple Grove Road, Boise, 83709.  Please call before going to see her - as she is often on the road, traveling the district. 

Phone: (208) 697-4510 (texting is welcome!)


And you can also always leave a message for Karen with Terri Bartish, Sage District Administrative Assistant: (503) 802-9225,

Carla Anderson

Thoughts from your Sage District Lay Leader

The other day as I sat on my porch looking out over our pasture, I witnessed a true sense of community.  Our peacocks and wild turkeys have joined together to become one large flock.  They don’t see the differences.  In fact I believe that they embrace them.  Now add to that the two deer that were lying down while the birds walked around them.  Again they sensed no differences.  Our dog sat in the yard and watched all of the animals and never felt the need to chase or go after any of them.  Of course, it does help that we have taught her not to, but this made me think.

We must teach our children to love one another as we are, recognizing the beauty in our similarities and our differences. First we as adults must model this behavior.  Ephesians 5 1-2 Follow God’s example in everything you do just as a much loved child imitates his father.  Be full of love for others, following the example of Christ who loved you….

It is our relationship to God that shapes our relationships with each others.  And the model for our fellowship together is our forgiving God as seen in the compassionate Savior.  God is our true role model. 

Thanks be to God for our differences!  May they cause us to draw closer as we look for the image of God revealed differently in each of God’s creatures.  Love one another as Christ loves us.

Carla Anderson, Sage District Lay Leader,

OR-ID Reconciling Ministries Gathering

Oregon-Idaho Reconciling Ministries will host a Summer Gathering at Beaverton First UMC on Saturday August 11, beginning at 3 p.m. The event takes place in the City Park across the street from the church and will feature hamburgers, hot dogs (grilled!) and desserts. Bring a side dish of your choice.  For more information contact Roxanne Ushman,, or Bonnie Parr Philipson,, or view this flyer.

Ordinary Revival Comes to Boise Area!

Mark your calendar for September 14-15, when Ordinary Revival comes to Kuna UMC for the weekend.  This is something you don't want to miss!  Put on by the Greater Northwest Area Innovation Team in cooperation with the Parish Cooperative, the event is about reviving the church. It's about flipping perspectives from what was to what might be, from inward to outward. Please register in advance. See this flyer for more information, or go directly to the website: Also, there will be information posted on the Sage District Facebook page (that link is below, in Links and Resources).

Magic Valley Ministries Planning January Trip to UMCOR West

The 5th Annual Magic Valley Ministries mission trip to UMCOR West in Salt Lake City will be January 6-10, 2019. Though that date sounds far off, a deposit of $50 is due on August 26, to assure your spot! The total cost of the trip is $210, which covers lodging and food.

This is a great opportunity to work together in mission supporting the work of the United Methodist Church by assembling relief kits and other help. Please contact the Magic Valley Ministries office (208) 324-2981, or (208) 329-0254, for more information. Here is a flyer for you to post at your church, if you like.

Links and Resources

  • Check out our Sage District Facebook page!  Lots going on!
  • Details of the proposed plan(s) for the UMC are included in a court docket prepared by the Council of Bishops. You can read an article from the UM website here.
  • Want to read about the United Methodist Church's take on what defines grace from peace? Here you go
  • Job Opening: The Oregon-Idaho Conference is seeking a Human Resources/Benefits Specialist. You can read about the position on the conference website in the classifieds section, or by following this link.


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