Welcome to February, Sage District! Hoping the New Year is off to a good start for you. Lots going on this month! Read on to learn all about it. - Terri Bartish, Sage District Administrative Assistant (, 503-802-9225)

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Celebrating Sage
Staying Connected to General Conference
A Smooth Move to Astoria - A Note from Your AA
From the Sage District Lay Leader
Conference Scholarships Now Available
Global Mission Opportunity for Young Adults
UMCOR Update
General Conference 2020 (the regularly-scheduled one...)
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Karen Hernandez

Celebrating Sage

Northwest Leadership Institute is coming March 13 – 15, and with it comes a special opportunity for small and/or rural churches! 
I love NLI , and I always have!  In fact, I have perfect attendance at NLI since it began at Boise First UMC/Cathedral of the Rockies in 2011.  (Does Duane give those attendance pins like the ones I used to earn in Sunday school and add a bar to each year?  Remember those?  They are now for sale on eBay, so I fear they’ve lost their meaning…)  I love NLI because it’s the highest quality of continuing education, it’s United Methodist (with plenty of room for our ecumenical colleagues), and it’s offered in the Sage District!  Because I know well the time, expense, energy, and planning necessary to travel great distances for continuing education, it has always been important to me to take advantage of this opportunity offered so close to home.  I hope you will do the same, whether you’re coming to NLI for the first time or as an experienced alum. (register here!)
Remember that Sage-area Ordinary Revival that I promised to reschedule in early 2019?  Well, this is it!  Our revival has been rolled into NLI in order to help those who are traveling make the most out of a few days in the Treasure Valley.  Instead of scheduling a separate event, Thursday, March 14 (the middle day of NLI, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) will be a special opportunity for workshops and speakers focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities of serving small and rural churches. 

Leroy Barber (Director for Congregational Vitality), other staff from the Greater Northwest Area, and guest speakers from as far away as Texas will gather to share their wisdom about asset-based community development in small communities, inclusiveness where diversity isn’t readily apparent, and more.  We’re so sincere about this important emphasis that participants will spend Thursday at Kuna UMC (about 20 miles away from Boise 1st UMC) and follow a parallel schedule there.  Anyone registering for NLI may choose to register for this day-apart.  This will make for a very different kind of NLI experience, but I hope that our small/rural churches who are ready to connect with their neighbors in new ways will consider making this a part of your time at NLI. 

Already registered for NLI?  If you want to be sure you’re in the small/rural church group, contact Hillary Hahn at

This special set of workshops at Kuna UMC will also be the kick-off for a pilot group of churches working with the Rural Church Engagement Initiative.  Joining the pilot group requires and application and selection process, commitment from the pastor and key laity, and willingness to devote significant energy in the year ahead toward changing the world starting in your community.  Contact me ( for more information or to receive an application. 
I feel like I’m channeling Cesie’s enthusiasm here, but it’s absolutely genuine!  I hope to see you all at NLI next month so that we can all benefit from the creativity and energy that result from gathering to worship and learn together!

Rev. Karen Hernandez
Sage District Superintendent
karen@umoi, (208) 697-4510

Where Is the DS this month?
Feb. 10 – 12    Cabinet @ Alton Collins Retreat Center
Feb. 12            Supervisors’ training @ Conference Center
Feb. 17            Worship and charge conference @ Glenn’s Ferry UMC
Feb. 23 – 26    Following and praying for General Conference from home/office in Boise

Staying Connected to General Conference

After nearly 3 years of anxious anticipation for many, the special 2019 session of General Conference will be held in St. Louis February 23-26.  Here are some helpful links as you prepare for and follow GC 2019:

Your leaders across the Greater Northwest Area understand that we are all eager to understand the outcomes and impacts of GC 2019.  It will likely take a little time for any of us to sift through the decisions and information.  As a result, Table Talks 3.0 gatherings are being planned, including dates in each of the four colloquy areas of the Sage District beginning in late March.  Expect more info about Table Talks to be available in the weeks ahead.

A Smooth Move to Astoria - A Note from Your AA

Things in the Sage District office are a little different now for me, as we have physically moved the Sage District office to Astoria, Oregon. This choice was a personal one. I prefer living in a smaller community, and enjoy being near large bodies of water (see photo at top). So as of February 1, I am joyfully working to serve you from a church possibly much like yours: Astoria First United Methodist. They've offered me office space for rent in their 100-year-old building, and from here I will continue to serve you as your Administrative Assistant. I look forward to spending my hours in a local church!

I do want to emphasize that, for you, nothing will change. I have the same hours and all the same contact information (phone, email, and mailing address).   Karen and I, as you know, have worked remotely from the get-go. So for us all remains the same as well.  With expert technical help from the conference staff to assist me in this transition, I fully expect everything to go smoothly!  - Terri 

Carla Anderson

From the Sage District Lay Leader

February brings the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t always my favorite holiday.  I was single for many years and it seemed that every time that holiday rolled around I felt more and more alone.  It was during this time of loneliness that I realized that the day represents love and that I needed to concentrate on the love God has for me and how I can learn to love and take care of myself.

Loving ourselves means we need to look at ways to take care of us.  There are many ways of doing this but one way I focus on is to continue to educate myself and to learn something new.  A couple of years ago I thought about taking a class or two on-line. 

The website that provided just what I needed is  This allows you to take classes on-line in your time frame.  Maybe you find yourselves in a caregiver position, want to learn more about theology, leadership, the Bible, meditation or spiritual growth.  Well this website lets you structure it to your own personal needs.  The conference promotes this website and weather you are clergy or laity you are encouraged to use this tool as a way to educate yourself.

For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God. John 16:27

Love yourself as Jesus loves us,

Carla Anderson (
Sage District Lay Leader

Conference Scholarships Now Available

Scholarships for higher education -- undergraduate, graduate, and seminary -- are available for members of The United Methodist Church through a variety of channels. There are many ways to qualify.

Applicants for the two scholarships below must intend to be a full-time student and must have been a member of a United Methodist church within the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference (or a baptized participant in a UM campus ministry or other UM ministry setting) for at least one year.  Applications for the 2019-2020 year will be made through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry scholarship website.  Applications will be open January 3 through March 1, 2019.

There are two general education scholarships available through the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference:

Oregon-Idaho Conference Undergraduate Leadership Award ($800):
A scholarship is awarded to one undergraduate student from each of the four districts of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, a total of four $800 scholarships, annually. Applicants are evaluated primarily on their leadership or potential leadership skills. Financial need is also considered. The scholarship may be used at any two- or four-year accredited undergraduate institution. 

Oregon-Idaho Ethnic Minority Leadership Award ($750)
A $750 scholarship is available for one undergraduate or graduate ethnic minority student. Applicants are evaluated primarily on their leadership or potential leadership skills. Financial need is also considered. The scholarship may be used at any two- or four-year accredited institution of higher education. 

Information on how to apply for the Oregon-Idaho Conference scholarships as well as other United Methodist scholarships can be found at or contact Linda Grund-Clampit at

- Kristen Caldwell

Global Mission Opportunity for Young Adults

If you are a young adult who is willing to take some time to share your faith, if you're interested in travel, you want to learn new skills, and/or you have a yearning to work alongside partner communities to address critical issues such as human rights, health, migration, gender justice, poverty, and education -  Global Mission Fellows is a way for you to answer God’s call to change the world through mission service!

The Global Mission Fellows Program is a 2-years mission opportunity for young adults ages 20-30. Young adults are invited to engage with local communities, connect the church in mission, and grow in personal and social holiness. This program allows for transformation and leadership development to take place while addressing the root causes of social injustice with other young people from around the world.
The Global Mission Fellow Program has 2 tracks: US-2 and International. Both tracks offer candidates the opportunity to be part of a cohort of other Global Mission Fellows. You will train and regroup with the same young adults through the 2-years of service, and always have a support group to walk with you through your journey!

If you want more information, contact Louise Kienzle, your Oregon-Idaho UMVIM Coordinator or check out the Global MIssion Fellows website.

UMCOR Update

UMCOR volunteer Donna Waltman relays the following:

There are openings for groups to go to the Depot in Salt Lake City. Just check with Brian Diggs ( An added help is to check with Louise Kienzle ( for information on UM Volunteers in Mission. This program can give you added protection in traveling and working at the Depot.
There will be transportation for kits and supplies to the Depot in early April. Let me know if you have items you want picked up and I will relay the message to our transportation person.  Contact me using the contact information below for names of the collection point churches in your area. There are 12 within Oregon and Idaho. One way to collect items (which are listed on the UMCOR website - is to choose one item a month for people to bring to your church. It spreads out the cost and involves a lot more people.
Thank you for all the items you have gathered and the time you have spent working at the Depot. The need continues. Disasters still happen.
Donna Waltman
UMCOR West Depot Transportation Coordinator
(503) 622-3226

P.S. (from the editor) Two groups from the Sage District have already been on trips to the UMCOR West Depot in 2019!  If you want to ask them about their experiences, contact Dixie Jacky ( who traveled with the group from Jason Lee Memorial UMC, Blackfoot, or Rev. Mike Hollomon ( who led the group from Magic Valley Ministries.  There is also a related article on the conference website with good information on UMCOR needs.

General Conference 2020 (the regularly-scheduled one...)

Although the 2019 Special Called General Conference is upon us, it is time now to start the process for electing our delegation to the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis (May 5-15, 2020). Delegates and Reserves will be elected during the 2019 Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference session in June.
The nominating procedure is similar for laity and clergy delegates. To self-nominate, simply send an email to the Conference Secretary Laura Jaquith Bartlett. Laity and full-member clergy are also invited to nominate up to four other names (five total), and send those names to the conference secretary by March 1. Persons offering nominations need to include their name and church/charge conference in the nominating email.
Clergy must be members in full connection of the annual conference at the time of nomination. Laity can be any age but must be professing members of The UMC for at least two years, and active in The UMC for at least four years (in Oregon-Idaho). Nominees will be asked to submit a short biography and photo along with written responses to pre-determined questions (for clergy, these can be found in Conference Rule 2.210).
Questions? Contact Laura Jaquith Bartlett, conference secretary, or Jan Nelson, conference lay leader.


Links and Resources

  • As Karen mentioned in her article, the Northwest Leadership Institute is happening next month! To register, go to:
  • Are your end of year reports all done? Woohoo!!  But, if you're not quite there yet, and need a refresher of what's due, check the Sage District page on the conference website: Please know your timely submission of the Ezra reports is essential (the due date is 1/31/2019). Thanks for you attention to this!
  • Want to plan ahead for Annual Conference 2019 (June 12-15, in Eugene, Oregon)? Check out the conference website calendar.
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