Sunday, February 24, 2019 - The First day of Business at General Conference 2019

Breaking News: Judicial Council rules two petitions out of order.

Today will be the beginning of business for the Special Called Session. On the agenda is an opening worship hour, the Report from the Commission on a Way Forward, a prioritization process for reviewing the list of legislation, and election of officers for the legislative committee. Start time is 7:30 a.m. CST.

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Looking back at Saturday - the day of prayer and preparation

On Saturday, as the delegates gathered for the General Conference of The United Methodist Church, their time together started with surrender. This was a surrender to God and a surrender to the Holy Spirit. It was a sign that we are giving up of ourselves with the knowledge that our God is not giving up on us.

It was a time of preaching and singing and scripture and would be familiar to many United Methodists from around the world -- with the closing hymn: “I surrender all, I surrender all / All to thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.”

Read more about the time of prayer before General Conference on the Western Jurisdiction.

Inter-Ethnic Dialogue on Human Sexuality
and the Church with WJ Latinx Young Adults

On February 23, 2019, the MARCHA West chapter hosted the WJ Young Adults Latinx group for a dialogue on issues of human sexuality to prep the young adults for what they might hear and experience during the 2019 General Conference Special Session. Guess what their reaction was.

Read about it on the Western Jurisdiction website.

General Conference 2019: The Work Begins

Keypad photo

A keypad for delegate voting

The legislative work of the 2019 General Conference of The United Methodist Church begins on Sunday, Feb. 24 with an organizational session. First order of business will be standard housekeeping items such as setting the bar and taking roll call. The plenary will receive reports from the Committee on the General Conference, Committee on Agenda and Calendar, and Administrative Committees, as well as the report from the Commission on a Way Forward.

Read more about how business will progress on Sunday at General Conference

Marcha sends open letter to SGC19 delegates

In an open letter to the delegates of the Special General Conference 2019, MARCHA sent prayers and expressed their hope that regardless of the decisions resulting from the Special Session, the unity of the church, which is not based on opinions, but in Christ, is preserved.
MARCHA, the Methodistas Representando la Causa de Hispanos Americanos, officially endorsed the One Church Plan, in a resolution adopted at its most recent annual meeting.

Read their letter to delegates

Confluence of Connections at General Conference

Beth Rambikur
By Beth Rambikur
... Boundaries around who has been included and excluded from ministry and membership, from community and communion have been drawn and redrawn since the movement began. Standing on the steps of the courthouse where Dred Scott filed for his humanity to be recognized by his country and knowing that the United States Supreme Court denied him his freedom, is a sobering reminder that truths are not self-evident. We interpret the world. ...

Read Beth's thoughts on the Desert Southwest Conference website.

Social connection during GC2019

During General Conference 2019, you'll be able to engage with the people at the Special Session and others around the world that want to be a part of the historic conversation.

Western Jurisdiction will be present on Facebook (/wjumc), Twitter (@wjumc), Instagram (@wjumc), and SnapChat (@wjumc). Follow ongoing updates, and tag us with your questions, news, and photos.

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