Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019 - Final Day of business - Plenary session

The day to get it done. Today, the full plenary session will be led by bishops to accept the legislation that was passed by the legislative committee. Other motions might come from the floor, and the conference start time is 8:00 a.m. CST.

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What happened yesterday

After a short time of worship, the General Conference continued as a legislative committee. The legislative committee's task was to review and perfect legislation. Only items that received a positive vote in the legislative committee will be reviewed by the full plenary session on Tuesday.

Speeches for and against, motions, amendments, calls to end debate, questions of explanation, "time is up," and times of confusion were the order of the day and the committee did its work. There were questions, challenges, and frustrations throughout the day.

In the end, the Traditional Plan was passed by a narrow margin, but still with many aspects that are of questionable constitutionality. Two different petitions that provide for new ways for churches to exit from The United Methodist Church connection were also passed.

Two petitions from Wespath, originally bundled with the One Church Plan that relate to clergy pensions, were also passed.

The One Church Plan was narrowly defeated, and all other legislation was also defeated.

Today, we can expect to see the One Church Plan reappear in the form of a minority report to the Traditional Plan legislation. In addition, any other petition moving forward is subject to amendment and revision.

Read a United Methodist News Service summary of the day.

JJ Warren: "No plan to separate us can unite us like God's love."

LGBTQIA delegate gives impassioned testimony

During floor debate over the plans for a way forward, JJ Warren, Lay Delegate from the Upper New York Conference, offered this impassioned testimony for the full inclusion of LGBTQIA persons within The United Methodist Church. After a day filled with close votes, the room erupted in response to this moment of light.

Watch his message to the church.

The cross unites us by his love


When Vicki Lerdahl was inspired to give crosses to the Desert Southwest Annual Conference Session in October of 2016 she met with Bishop Bob Hoshibata and shared her idea. He saw it as an answer to prayer.

Once again she was called to offer the gift to the attendees at The 2019 General Conference. And once again prayers were answered and she was able to see her dream happen.

Read more about her story and the crosses that each delegate will take home with them.

Read more on the Western Jurisdiction website

The world is watching:

Mary Huyke

Mary Huyke listens to translation

United Methodist Church members try to keep calm as debate over LGBT marriage, clergy gets under way

In the Feb. 24 Nashville Tennessean they not only reviewed the work of the church the church, but looked at what delegates will be doing for self care as they go through the challenging process. Pacific Northwest Clergy Mary Huycke was among those interviewed for the story.

"We have different ideas about how best to express love and care, but these are people and their lives who are being harmed and have been harmed by the church's stance on inclusion," Huycke said.

Read the story in the Nashville Tennessean


Alaska’s 29-Door Connection in Light of GC2019

Alaska’s delegation to General Conference 2019 issued a statement endorsing the One Church Plan but acknowledges that the Alaska United Methodist Conference is diverse in geography, populations, and theology.

The Alaska Conference considers itself one church with twenty-nine doors, ministering to communities across the state. And each of those doors opens outward to love those around the church with the love of Christ.

Read more about how plans for a way forward might affect the missionary conference of the west.

Social connection during GC2019

During General Conference 2019, you'll be able to engage with the people at the Special Session and others around the world that want to be a part of the historic conversation.

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