February 28, 2019

Western Jurisdiction bishops offer a message of welcome

As the 2019 General Conference comes to a close the episcopal leaders of the Western Jurisdiction offer a video message to the church saying, "We will continue to be a home for all God's people centered around a table of reconciliation and transformation. We are not going anywhere."

Western Jurisdiction Bishops video frame

Watch The Video | Download from Vimeo to share in your local ministry setting

Read the text: in English, en Español

Litany: A great thanksgiving during times of uncertainty

Rev. Lydia Muñoz & Rev. James McIntire have crafted a litany that is available for use as communities of faith absorb the results of the recent General Conference session. A Great Thanksgiving During Times of Uncertainty speaks to feelings of disarray and brokenness.

View the resource on the Western Jurisdiction website.

Judicial Council issues revised deadlines for April meeting

Evanston, Ill.: The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church has issued revised deadlines for its regular April meeting, April 23-26, 2019, in Evanston, Illinois.

The Judicial Council will publish the approved docket (a list of items to be discussed) for the meeting on or before March 9. Among the items that will be before the Judicial Council is a Petition for Declaratory Decision, approved by the legislative body of the Special Session of the General Conference, on the “constitutionality, meaning, application, and effect of the Traditional Plan as amended.”

March 7 is the deadline for submittal by appropriate bodies (as defined by the Discipline) to submit requests for action by the Judicial Council.

Read more details about their schedule in the press release.

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