April 9, 2019

Table Talk Thank Yous

Persons at a Table Talk

The Table Talks are still going on -- see below for some more opportunities if you haven't attended yet -- but the five Table Talks scheduled in the Cascadia District and led by Cascadia DS Tim Overton-Harris wrapped up this past Sunday.  

Persons gathered in Forest Grove, Canby, Madras, Salem, and Nehalem Bay.  A total of 250 people from many different congregations across our district came together to listen, learn, and share their perspective.  Wow! We so appreciate the churches who hosted, their members who provided hospitality and all those who took the time out of their lives to share together in this way. The purposes of the Table Talks 3.0 are Connection, Conversation, Communication (to and from leadership) and Coalition Building.  All of that happened at the five Table Talk events held in the Cascadia District!

Each evening opened with a time of information sharing by DS Tim and Conference Lay Leader Jan Nelson, who attended the Special General Conference in February as a voting member.  A Fact Sheet on what was and was not decided at the GC Session was distributed. You can access that here. And then the floor was opened for questions. That was a lively time at each event!

After that came a time of sharing around the tables about how participants felt the General Conference Session impacted their local congregations.  Persons had an opportunity to complete a card which started with the question, "What do you want to say to your church?"  Those cards were collected and will be recorded and shared with our Bishop, Elaine Stanovsky.  She will be considering them as she prepares for our Annual Conference Session together in June.

People also had a chance to leave their name and contact information if they want to be part of the work moving forward into whatever the future holds for the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church.  Whether or not you attended a Table Talk, if you are willing to be involved in future work, feel free to contact the district office to let us know.

The sessions closed with a service of communion using a liturgy prepared for Western Jurisdiction groups in response to the Special GC Session (You can read that liturgy here.) and an act of healing around the tables by anointing one another in the name of Christ.

One message that was clear from these conversations is that nothing is settled yet. But the Western Jurisdiction of The UMC, of which we are a part, is determined to be "a home for all God's people."  To keep up with the latest developments, you can check out the materials at  These include pages with

Table Talks GNW Area logo

Remaining Table Talk opportunities:

  • Tuesday, April 23 at Oak Harbor First UMC at 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 4 at Crossroads UMC, Kimberly, ID  at 2 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 5 at Jason Lee UMC, Blackfoot, ID at 3 p.m.
  • Saturday May 11 at LaGrande UMC at 2 p.m.

Please register if you plan to attend so that there can be a place set for you at the table!  Register here.



Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Session
June 12-15   Eugene

 It's time to register online for the AC Session in Eugene this June!

Check out all the latest information at

Be sure to sign up for the Cascadia District Lunch on Saturday!  We hope you will join us for a time of celebration of all you are doing with your micro-grants!

Hotel Room

You can reserve your hotel room now.  Reserve your hotel room earlier rather than later. This is a separate process from registering for the conference.  If you have trouble and want to see if someone who already has a room will share, contact the district office.  We'll keep a list of those looking. Hotel information is at

Cascadia District Lunch

We're going to celebrate what has been accomplished with the micro-grants!  There is a deadline of May 15th to send in a progress report . . . but you don't have to wait until then!  We're especially looking for pictures and a brief (2-3 sentence) description to share with others at the District Lunch.  Send them in to Linda at

Child Care at Annual Conference - Register Now

If you will need child care during the Annual Conference Session, please register early and be sure to complete the connected child care registration form. 

As you can imagine, it takes some coordination to pull together child care at this event and it is necessary for us to know as soon as possible the number and ages and needs of the children. 

If you have any questions, contact Terri Bartish at the Sage District Office: or 503-802-9225

Safe Sanctuaries and Abuse Prevention Training

Every congregation is required to provide an annual training for their staff and volunteers working with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  Take advantage of this training on Wednesday June 12th in Eugene led by the Conference Safe Sanctuaries Team!  Check out the details and register here.


 All the information you need is at or call the district office with your questions!

Please let District Superintendent Tim know about significant events happening in your local congregation.  He may or may not be able to attend, but he would like to know about them!  Tim is also occasionally available to preach at your church!  You can e-mail him at

Upcoming events in the District Superintendent's Schedule:

April 10-12           Cabinet Meeting - Des Moines, WA
April 12-13           Greater Northwest Area Stewarship Summit
April 15                 Meeting with District AAs as Dean of Cabinet
April 16                GNW Cabinet Meeting
April 18                Supervisor Training and Staff Development Day
April 24                GNW Cabinet Meeting
                            Cascadia District Church Extension Society Meeting
                            Ecumenical Ministries Annual Auction
April 25                Conference Personnel Committee
April 28                Preaching and Worship at Yamhill UMC
April 29                Cascadia District Committee on Ministry Meeting
April 30                Greater NW Area Deans of Cabinet meeting

Tim is also beginning consultation meetings with churches regarding pastoral appointments effective July 1, 2019



This week in the
Cascadia District

April 13

Oregon-Idaho Reconciling UMs quarterly meeting - Morningside UMC, Salem

April 14

Palm Sunday

Marsha and Aiden Aizumi
Epworth UMC - Portland

Looking Ahead

April 21

Easter Sunday

April 24

Cascadia District Church Extension Society Exec Meeting

April 25

Communion at District Office

April 29

Cascadia District Committee on Ministry


Prayer Calendar

April 7 -13

Silverton UMC and
Trinity ELCA - Silverton
Pastor: Laura Beville
Lay Leader: Irene Blamire

April 14 - 20

Stayton UMC
Pastor Janine DeLaunay
Lay Leaders Judy & John Mohney 

April 21-27

Tigard UMC
Pastor Jeremy Hajdu-Paulen
Lay Leader Samantha Harmon

See the full prayer calendar


Understanding Giving in this New Tax Era

Confused by the new tax rules re: charitable giving?  The NW United Methodist Foundation has some advice about how to give which maximizes one's giving and lowers one's taxable income.  This might be especially helpful for seniors living on fixed incomes who are also dedicated supporters of their local church.

Read about it here.

Money for Ministry

Did that get your attention?

The Cascadia District Church Extension Society (CDCES) is one of the best kept secrets of our connection -- and they don't want to be secret!  

CDCES has money to share with you in the form of grants for new ministry and loans for building upgrades.  Learn more and find applications on their website:

Their next meeting is April 24th.  Get applications turned in by a week prior and get some money!


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