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Reflections with Camp & Retreat Ministries

Experiencing Our Calling


By Tanner Morton; Communications Associate, Camp and Retreat Ministries

In my lifetime, I have grown to define "calling" as the convergence of a number of divine elements, forming an understanding of my purpose in the world. What these elements look like vary for each of us as uniquely created individuals, but I have found, through listening to the call stories of loved ones, that each of our calls bear similarities. Among these elements are the feeling of comfort and satisfaction that washes over us when we find what makes us passionate and the loving assurance we receive from those around us, acknowledging and affirming that we are doing precisely what we were born to do. 

With this definition in mind, it is no surprise to me that many people first experience their call while at camp. In these sacred spaces where intentional community is created, people are granted the freedom to safely explore their connection with self and with Christ. In the calming atmosphere of God's creation, we begin to search for what will give our lives purpose. Through these discoveries, we are empowered to become the best versions of ourselves, interacting with one another and receiving the type of love and support needed to sustain our choices. It is through the convergence of these elements, that we begin to share with the world, the incredible gifts that we have to offer through Jesus Christ.

As you make your way to camp for your next visit, may you find yourself enfolded in the love and peace that will nurture your divine calling. 


Tanner Morton    

New Director Hired for Camp Latgawa

I am pleased to announce that the next director of Camp Latgawa will be Kate Vaden. Please join me in welcoming Kate to the staff of the Board of Camp and Retreat Ministries. Kate will begin work as the director on February 16.

Kate Vaden is a lifelong United Methodist camper, and Camp Latgawa has always held a special place in her heart. Kate started as a camper at Latgawa when she was 9 years old. Eventually, she became a Counselor in Training and then a full-fledged counselor. She enjoyed working as a part of the Summer Support Staff team for three summers, and she’s looking forward to diving into camping as a full-time, year-round job. In addition to camping Kate has a background in psychology, education and administrative work. In her free time Kate enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, reading, board games, connecting with people, and spending time with her family.

Kate celebrates this opportunity to be able to serve others in her capacity as the director at Camp Latgawa. In all her years in church camping she has felt a sense of community, made lifelong friends, and felt the presence of God at every turn. She looks forward to being able to provide a wonderful environment of Christian hospitality so that others have the opportunity to grow in God’s love at Camp Latgawa.

You can contact Kate at: or drop her a note at: 13250 South Fork Little Butte Creek Road Eagle Point, OR 97524

Todd Bartlett

Executive Director, Camp and Retreat Ministries 

Saying Goodbye to Flo Frost

It is with heavy hearts, that we announce the passing of a very special member of our camp community, Flo Frost. 

"Flo Frost was a long time participant of the Transformation Prayer Retreat each fall at Suttle Lake. Her musical gifts and songs were a blessing to the camp community, beautifully expressing the presence of the Spirit through notes and lyrics. In the rare years when Flo was unable to travel to camp she worked with Rev. Michael Powell to still contribute music to the gatherings. Her camp friends are raising prayers and songs as they remember times shared." - Jane Petke, Director at Suttle Lake Camp.

Flo also spent many years volunteering and participating at Sawtooth Camp. She is greatly appreciated and will be dearly missed.    

Blessings Report

  • The quiet, peaceful moments experienced in sacred spaces
  • Beautiful biking trails, shared with friends
  • Sharing a warm, morning cup of coffee on the deck at Sawtooth Camp

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