October 12, 2020

What to Expect from Fall Church Conferences

Our annual church conferences are getting underway this week and you may be wondering just what to expect.  Due to a number of considerations, I will be conducting all of the conferences this fall, most of them via Zoom.  I am looking forward to getting to know the various congregations, your passions for ministry and the challenges you are facing.  

We will open with a time of worship and centering followed by our administrative business and voting on the necessary reports.  This includes many of the items you are accustomed to such as the Lay Leader/Nominations Report, Trustees and so on.  In this section, I am asking for a quick overview related to the financial health of the congregation. 

In the next section, we will focus on the Three Simple Rules: Do No Harm, Do Good and Stay in Love with God as they relate to our Annual Conference focus from Bishop Elaine Stanovsky.  

Do No Harm: Staying Safe & Healthy during Covid-19.   

I will give any updates I have on the “Reimagining Life Together” document and the phases of opening up, along with answering questions.  I then want to focus on your local church ministry and will ask the following questions:

  • What is your mission/vision?
  • What are your goals?  (How have you needed to adapt your goals needed in the midst of Covid?) 

Do Good: A Conversation about Racism. 

Because this is a focus for the OR-ID Annual Conference, the Greater Northwest Area and a recognized point of division in our country, we will engage in a time of discussion.  I would like to hear what you have been doing, reading and/or learning about racism as a congregation or as individuals.  This will lead into a time of considering our image of Jesus. 

Stay in Love with God: The Future of the United Methodist Church 

I will give a brief update on the General Conference that is scheduled for 2021.  I am also curious if you think  the outcome of General Conference will affect your local congregation, and if so how.

This is an ambitious agenda with the potential for lots of conversation!  Not every conversation will feel complete.  Congregations, Leadership Teams and their pastor(s) will be encouraged to continue these various discussions into the months and year ahead. 

I look forward to being with you!

Wendy Woodworth



Rev. Wendy Woodworth
Cascadia District Superintendent

P.S.  You can find a link to the Agenda and to required reports at

Some Other Information about Fall 

  • Compensation forms are all online again this year, and can be found on the conference website. Please complete these at least 5 days prior to your charge conference. Note that the Equitable Compensation Commission's approved changes in how compensation is calculated are reflected in this year's forms. See this letter from commission chair, Rev. Daryl Blanksma.
  • You can find more detailed information on this year's charge conferences on the Cascadia District page:

Bishop Releases 3-Part Episcopal Address

The addresses follow the structure of the three simple rules: Do No Harm, Do Good, and Stay in Love with God

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky

Do No Harm: Fighting Covid-19

In the first of her three part Episcopal Address to the people of the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church, Bishop Stanovsky encourages us to "stay at home, wear a mask, keep physical distance, but don't hunker down." She implores us to keep loving our neighbors as ourselves and to deepen relationships of spiritual depth and care.

"To combat declining mental, emotional and spiritual health experienced by many during the COVID-19 pandemic, I call United Methodists to return to the deep well of God’s love and grace, revealed in Jesus Christ, as we remember, refresh and reclaim the spiritual strength and courage of our faith preserved in the scriptures, hymns, prayers, teachings, and practices of our Church.  And I call on new generations to lead us into new expressions and practices that have the power to bless people in this pandemic with fortitude and resilience."

Read the full address by clicking here.

Do Good: Dismantling  Racism

In the second address, Bishop Stanvosky declares that she is "committed to leading United Methodists in the Alaska Conference, Oregon-Idaho Conference, and Pacific Northwest Conference to make dismantling systemic racism within the church and throughout society a long-term missional priority."   She invites us to venture outside the values, beliefs, and ways of living that we have spent a lifetime learning, so that we can move beyond the wilderness in which we now live and follow God's leading onto the path of right relationship.

"I am learning to hear and see that the standards, norms and habits I was taught to value are not universally shared by all people from every culture. Slowly, I am learning that as a leader, that if I simply, unconsciously, lead the Church according to the cultural norms that are natural to me, I will inadvertently, unconsciously perpetuate ways of working and relating that do not work for many of its members. I will continue practices that silence the gifts, insights and wisdom of people raised in different cultural contexts. I am learning to recognize that white people and Black people do not share the same life experiences or the same generational memory and interpretation of history. These differences mean that we view the ways of the world we share very differently. . . But we have a chance today, in this generation, to learn to hear and see what we have not wanted to admit – that our nation is not fair, rights are not equal, and systems are not just. And we have the opportunity to journey with Jesus on a straight path that might lead to a just, equal, fair and beloved community."

Read the full address by clicking here.

Stay in Love with God: Weaving a Connectional Future for United Methodism

In the third address, Bishop Stanovsky asks the question, "Will the future of United Methodism by United or Untied?" She reviews many challenges and asks many questions, reminding us that it is up to us what happens.  She shares the work of one area-wide working group, which decided to ask people why they are United Methodist.  They made a video, "I Am a United Methodist Because . . ." (click here to watch it)

"Between now and General Conference in September 2021, we need to test and grow our faith to a deeper level where we trust that Jesus gives us One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism, even though we live out our faith in different ways. At the core we are not divided. Our gifts all serve one Savior, who gives us the grace to live, worship and serve together. We can endure this rough patch if we stay in relationship, if we learn to talk about what we hold most close, if we let love bind us together with cords that cannot be broken. . . if we grow to know and love one another, we will be united and connected in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. What was it Jesus said? “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). What would Jesus do with us if we gathered in small gatherings, learned to love each other, and asked him what he wants for us? What if the “connection” became personal instead of institutional? What if it was about loving relationships with one another, about how a local church relates to its community or how one local church comes alongside another local church in times of joy and distress – to share each other’s burdens? What if the future of United Methodism rested on a weaving of connections between people who are learning to see, know and love each other? Now that would be a strong connection."

Read the full address by clicking here.


How Are We Helping? 
In So Many Ways!

Continue to support your local church financially. 

Our buildings are closed, but the church is open and still doing ministry!  Your tithes and donations are critical to continuing that work

Oregon-Idaho Disaster Response Fund

When a disaster strickes, survivors often lose so much - the roof over their heads and other property, livelihoods, even loved ones.  Recent wildfires show how devastating these disasters can be.  Often overlooked is the despair that strikes as some also lose hope.

The mission of our Oregon-Idaho Conference Disaster Response team is to provide a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Our goal for this Advance Fund is to have in place the resources to respond to disasters when they happen. Join us in our response to the real needs of our neighbors as they recover from tragedy and find hope again.

Greater NW Area Fund for Families

The money in this fund will be distributed through local churches to the need they see across our episcopal area (Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Alaska), like the Grocery Gift Card Grants

UMCOR Sheltering in Love Giving Campaign

This fund will assist vulnerable communities in the United States and around the world  It is Advance #3022612. You can give through your local church by putting the advance number in the memo line of your check or give online.

Through the Sheltering in Love campaign and unit programming, we can all celebrate the far-reaching impact of 230 grants totaling $2,329,785 and commit to continued care and compassion in the fight against COVID-19.

Watch the impact video below and review the full list of mission partners



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Prayer Calendar

Oct. 11-17

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Oct. 18-24

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Oct. 25-31

Hillsboro: Ministerios Hispano Latinx
Pastor Jorge Rodriguez Vasquez

See the full prayer calendar


Leading up to General Conference 2021: Where Love Lives

The Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church is supporting a plan to be presented at General Conference 2021 called the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation. 

Simply put, it would create a reshaped United Methodist denomination where LGBTQ+ persons could be ordained as pastors and churches could hold same-sex weddings, while simultaneously allowing opponents of LGBTQ+ inclusion to leave and form a new, more conservative denomination. Those persons would retain their former United Methodist pension benefits and congregations would be able to keep their buildings to be part of the new denomination.

To share an alternative vision that comes out of the love that informs our actions as Christians, the Western Jurisdiction is beginning a campaign, "Where Love Lives" in support of the Protocol and to create opportunities for UMs to engage in conversation about what its adoption could mean for local congregations and their pastors.  

Learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

Watch a video introduction to the campaign from the Western Jurisdiction bishops by clicking here.

Called to Love One Another: Oregon-Idaho Stories 

Called to Love One Another is a project that captures the lives of UMC pastors and lay members, learning what it means to live out Jesus' new command to “love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

This film explores through narratives the process by which churches have moved from being closed to LGBTQIA2S+ people, to being open and affirming, welcoming and reconciling. And how LGBTQIA2S+ people of faith, have moved from being hidden to being out, open, welcomed, and still part of a UMC church. 

The film will be out this Fall and available to churches and church groups.  Watch the trailer by clicking here.

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