June 10, 2021

Thoughts from the District Superintendent

Greetings Cascadia District:
Scattering seeds … sowing the mustard seed, those are the comparisons to the kin-dom of God this week in the lectionary gospel of Mark 4:26-34The gospel makes it sound so easy, just scatter the seeds and watch it grow: “first the stalk, then the head, then the full grain … becomes the greatest of all shrubs, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade.”
I do not know about you, but I do not find it quite that easy to produce growth, either for God’s kin-dom or in my own garden.

Wendy's Greenhouse

This year I got a new greenhouse.  It is a little bigger and I got it up early to get a head start on things.  I even started some tomatoes from seed.  Everything was going well until about a week ago.  I discovered bugs who are eating the leaves on my tomatoes and dahlias just as I was getting ready to transplant them to the garden.  I discovered they are flea beetles.  So now I am treating the plants with organic horticulture oil, plus once or twice a day I go and pick some off (yes, squish them as well.). My next step is to introduce ladybugs or beneficial nematodes if I can find some.  I am committed to not using a pesticide and end up causing more harm.

Small black beetles on a leaf which is damaged

As you can see, it will take careful steps to produce the tomatoes and flowers that I desire.  It is the same for our part in bringing forth God ‘s kin-dom of justice, peace and love.  We have to discern how we can best work for peace and justice and make sure we are not doing additional harm.  There will be times of significant learning as many of us who are white and/or part of the dominant culture are discovering as we study together to better understand racism, our role in it and how to be an anti-racist.  We have to be intentional about taking our stated values and turning them into how we live and do ministry together.  It is not enough for me to say I value growing beautiful tomatoes without doing the work of gardening to produce the fruit.

The good news of these parables is that we are not in this work alone.  We have each other and we have the presence of God’s Spirit taking our efforts and work and bringing forth the gift of God’s shalom.  Yes, scatter the seeds and water and tend to the plants, do the work and actions necessary to bring forth communities centered in justice, peace and grace in partnership with each other and the Spirit of Life.

Signature:  WendyPhoto of Wendy Woodworth

Cascadia District Superintendent Wendy Woodworth 
P.S. - Thank you for your participation in our Annual District Gathering.  It was nice to see everyone, albiet via Zoom, for a time of celebrating ministries and marking various transitions in the district.

In this newsletter:

  • The Annual Conference Session is spread out this year as we do it all on Zoom.  The Clergy Session and the GNW Area Laity Session have already happened.  But there is lot more to come!  See the schedule and Find links to all the information below.
  • Read about Clarkes UMC's response to DS Wendy's challenge at last fall's charge conferences about our image of Jesus.  
  • New guidelines for pandemic safety in our local churches - check it out and read DS Wendy's take on this confusing time when the threat of the pandemic is receding, but we are definitely not "back to normal."
  • And check out the events, resources, and items available in the right hand column, including a link to how to observe Juneteenth, and information on this year's Mission U classes!

Blessings to you all in Christ Jesus,

Signature: LindaPhoto of Linda Grund-Clampit

Linda Grund-Clampit
Cascadia District Administrative Assistant

  Annual Conference Session 2021

Love Never Ends - AC Session 2021 graphic

 Find all the information as it is available at

Some things to remember:?

Zoom links for the meetings and Voter IDS will be sent out to lay and clergy members by email next week. The meetings which make up the AC Session are in the schedule below in red.  Watch for emails from Oregon-Idaho Conference ( for the links.  If you are a clergy or lay member and getting this newsletter, you are probably also getting those emails.  Clergy, please check on your congregation's lay member(s) to be sure that they are receiving the information also!  If you think you have missed some information, check out the archive of prior emails at starting with the May 13, 2021 email.  Contact Linda in the district office (  if you can't find the information you need.

There are opportunities for you to receive some training on the online voting process and to ask questions about the proposed legislation before the meeting.  Those are listed in the schedule below in black, with links to take you to more information and to the events themselves.
Review the proposed legislation and pre-conference reports ahead of time.  The time at the actual meeting will be short.  You can find the pre-conference reports at and the proposed legislation at  There will be another review of proposed legislation on June 15, which will add to the list of proposed legislation currently on the website.  So be sure to go back to after June 15th to check for additional legislation.  And plan to go to one of the Pre-Conference Question and Answer sessions (see below) on Thursday 6/17 or Friday 6/18 to learn more before you are asked to vote on things on Monday, June 21st.
The GNW Opening Session (Sunday, June 20), the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Business Sessions (Monday, June 21) and the GNW Closing Session (Wednesday, June 23) will be livestreamed on the conference website for anyone to view.  No pre-registration required. You will find the livestream link at the appropriate time at on the home page and also at
  • Monday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Oregon-Idaho Lay Leader Election.  Get more information at  If you are a lay member, the meeting link will come to you in an email no later than noon Monday, June 14.
  • Wednesday, June 16 at noon
    • Zoom Voting Training Session - training on how to vote as part of the AC Session - get more information and the link to use at the time at 
  • Thursday, June 17 at 6 p.m.
    •  Pre-conference Question and Answer Session - The Question and Answer sessions are designed to provide an informal time for questions on any of the proposed legislation, pre-conference reports, financial reports, proposed budget, nominations, etc. Find more information and link to register at
  • Friday, June 18 at 11:30 a.m.
    • Pre-conference Question and Answer Session - Same opportunity as June 17, just a different time to provide opportunity for more people.  Find more information and link to register at
  • Sunday, June 20
    • GNW Shared AC Opening Session  6:30 – 8 p.m.  If you are a clergy or lay member, the meeting link will come to you in an email. Others can watch the live stream at  
  • Monday, June 21 at 11 a.m.
    • Zoom Voting Training Session - training on how to vote as part of the AC Session - get more information and the link to use at the time at 
  • Monday, June 21
    • Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Session  1-3:30 p.m. and
      5:30 – 8 p.m.   If you are a clergy or lay member, the meeting link will come to you in an email. Others can watch the live stream at  
  • Wednesday, June 23
    • ?GNW Shared AC Closing Session 6:30 – 8 p.m.   If you are a clergy or lay member, the meeting link will come to you in an email. Others can watch the live stream at  

Rising to the Challenge

 At the annual Charge Conference of the Clarkes United Methodist Church in Mulino, OR (with 45 members) last November, Cascadia D.S. Wendy Woodworth gave us another challenge. In addition to dealing with Covid and Zoom services, she asked us what we were doing to help stem the tide of systematic racism in Oregon.  It was an issue we hadn’t thought about very much, even though we had several members who had a difficult time identifying with the Caucasian-looking Jesus, whose pictures were in our sanctuary and Sunday School rooms.

D.S. Wendy showed us some images of Jesus from different cultures around the world that caused us to think; and to begin formulating a way to incorporate them into our worship space.

altar cloth with image of Jesus as mid-eastern

The Worship Committee decided to use the different pictures on the cover of our Sunday Bulletins and newsletter, and for our weekly Zoom service’s opening slide. Another idea took flight with four quilters from our congregation.  Sue Dumolt, Ann Johnson, Cathy Kerrigan and our pastor, Marty Williams had a meeting and decided to work on some new banners for the sanctuary using seven of the images we had seen. All during the cold, icy months of January, February and March, the congregation suggested pictures to be used and the quilters transferred them onto fabric.

Banner with words "Who Do You" and 3 images of Jesus from different cultures

Meanwhile we began to look at some Zoom programs we could watch and study during Lent.  It was decided by the Worship Committee to use the UMC series entitled, “Justice or Just Us?”    Between eight and ten people attended every meeting and discussed the questions that the series sparked.  Minutes were taken and an article written after every session and it was shared weekly in the newsletter with the rest of the congregation.

During this time, the work went on behind the scenes on the banners. They were finished by Easter, but were displayed first in the Sunday School building to see and hear the reactions of the 14 children in our program.  The group who had watched the Zoom series, decided to keep on meeting bi-weekly and to change our name from Justice or Just Us? to the Biblical Justice Group.

Banner with words "Say That I AM?" and 3 images of Jesus from different cultures

On Pentecost Sunday, the church was ready to let the community know what Clarkes stood for, when we dedicated a beautiful Peace Pole in the front yard of the church.  Twelve languages declare, “Let Peace Prevail on Earth”.  It was made to honor the memory and message of our beloved pastor of fourteen years, the Rev. Dr. Tom Truby, who died on March 16, 2020.

Finally, it was time to bring the banners into the Sanctuary last Sunday.  The pictures are worth a thousand words, but the work of the Biblical Justice Group goes on as we get ready later this summer to join together on Zoom with another local church seeking solutions to the problem of systemic racism in Oregon.

-- Carolynne Fairweather

Church Sanctuary with banners

New Guidelines For Managing

COVID Risk in the Church

 Stepping Forward in Love and Trust

Cover image of Stepping Forward

On May 17th the GNW Covid-19 Response Team and Bishop Stanovsky released new guidelines for our churches in response to the pandemic.  Stepping Forward in Love and Trust replaces the prior guidance, Reimagining Life Together.  You can find the complete document on the Greater NW Area website corona virus resource page:

The new guidance comes in two options:  

Under Option 1 (the default) congregations are directed to follow some basic Standard Practices, which include:

  • A team that works with the pastor in making decisions
  • Indoor worship of up to 50 people with masks and distancing between household units and no congregational singing
  • Outdoor worship with masks and distancing between households; congregational singing is permitted.
Under Option 2 (has to be entered in to by a signed agreement with the DS)
  • Study and Sign the "Commitment to Safe Practices for Churches and other Ministries" and send to the district office.
  • Allows for more flexibility, although still have to operate within government and CDC guidelines and must still refrain from indoor congregational singing.

About the singing . . . The GNW Area hosted a webinar particularly on singing on June 2nd.  You can see the recording of that webinar, "When Can We Sing Again (Indoors)?" by clicking here.

The district superintendent remains a resource for local church leadership and churches. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions:  Below are some of  DS Wendy's thoughts on some common questions:

 Why keep masking if most, if not all, people are vaccinated?
  • Children 12 and under are not able to be vaccinated yet, some people are still in process of being vaccinated and some are unable to be vaccinated due to health reasons.
  • Worship is a public event and you could have visitors who are not vaccinated.
Is it a good idea to separate worship spaces for those who are vaccinated and those who are not?
  • Personally, I find this idea uncomfortable and dividing of the body of Christ.  If the value is coming together as the community of faith, creating a barrier or separate space for those not vaccinated does not live out that value.  Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can gather together with masks and distancing.  Save unmasking for when you have events at home or non-public gatherings with family and friends.
  • Hybrid Worship of both virtual and in-person (indoor/outdoor) is a popular option to meet the needs of those who are ready to gather and those who need to remain safe at home.
Greater NW Area Bishop Elaine Stanovsky works with the GNW Covid-19 Response Team to establish and update guidelines for our churches to gather and minister safely during the pandemic.  The team includes people from across the episcopal area of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho who are knowledgeable not only in the life of the church but also in the areas of public health and data interpretation.  



Monday, June 14

OR-ID Lay members of AC elect Conference Lay Leader

Tuesday, June 15

Legislative Assembly

Wednesday, June 16

Zoom Voting Training Session

Thursday, June 17

Pre-Conference Question and Answer Session

Friday, June 18

Pre-Conference Question and Answer Session

Saturday, June 19

Juneteenth - learn about this celebration and how to observe it respectfully and faithfully in this article from the General Commission on Religion and Race.  

Sunday, June 20

GNW Area joint AC opening session

Monday, June 21

Zoom Voting Training Session

OR-ID AC Session

Wednesday, June 23

GNW Area joint AC closing session

July 5

Registration Deadline for Mission U July 8-10 (see article in Resources below)

July 26 

Registration Deadline for Mission U July 29-31 (see article in Resources below)

Prayer Calendar

June 6 - 12

Cascadia District Staff
DS Wendy Woodworth
AA Linda Grund-Clampit

June 13 - 19

Persons in Ministry outside the local church:

Troy Taylor and Hope Montgomery,
Camp Director and Program Director at
Camp Magruder

Jane and Daniel Petke,
Directors at
Suttle Lake Camp

Dan Benson
Director at Alton L. Collins Retreat Center

Shirley and Don Knepp
Conference Archivists

Jill Plant
Music Teacher
Warm Springs K-8 Academy

Dylan Hyun
Chaplain, US Army Reserves

Laura Jaquith Bartlett
Conference Secretary

Scott Ostlund
Assoc Dir of Theological Admissions, Drew University

June 20 - 27

Clergy on Leave:

Peg Lofsvold
charge conference: Tigard UMC

Ben Hartley
charge conference: Mt. Home UMC

Cathy Davis
charge conference: Tigard UMC
(Cathy will be under appointment in N. Carolina eff 7-1-2021)

See the full prayer calendar


Mission U - Great Education and Free This Year!

Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Women are offering two sessions of Mission U this year:  July 8-10, 2021   and   July 29-31, 2021.  

Two studies will be offered at each school:

  •  Pushout:  The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools
  •  Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom:  Living into the Church's Moral Witness through Radical Discipleship

You can take only one study at each school, so if you would like to take both studies, be sure and register for both schools.  These studies are not just for UMW members, nor just for women!

Registration Deadlines:
  July   8-10 School  -- July 5
  July 29-31 School --  July 26

Study books can be purchased either from United Methodist Women Mission Resources or through Amazon.

To register, click HERE

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
     Bonnie McOmber, Dean --
     Leona Whitcomb, Assistant Dean --
     Ann Murchison, Assistant Dean --

Virtual Pulpit Supply

The Regional Media Center (RMC) is curating a digital, easily accessible library of sermons to support local churches stretched and stressed by the pandemic.

Recent additions to the sermon library are from IV Team members Rev. Dr. Leroy Barber and Rev. Dr. Jess Bielman.  Their sermons touch on always relevant themes of justice and equality, grounded in our scriptural heritage.

 Preview and download on the RMC website 

Each sermon can be used by any church in the Greater Northwest Area free of charge.

We hope that this small but growing sermon library will help local leaders to take a pause, focus on other essential work, or virtually invite a new voice into their pulpit.

Interested in contributing? Contact Patrick Scriven at for more information.


Choir Robes

Cornelius UMC has choir robes in good condition available for free to a good home!
See the details and photos in the classifieds section of the conference website,

Clergy Robe

Pearl Whistler has a new clergy robe, never used, for sale at a very reasonable price:  $25!

See the details and Pearl's contact information in the classifieds section of the conference website,


It has been announced that Bishop Elaine Stanovsky intends to appoint . .

Rev. Gigi Siekkinen to Madras UMC effective July 1, 2021.  Rev. Siekkinen is currently serving The Dalles UMC. Rev. Nancy Slabaugh Hart, currently serving Madras UMC, will be retiring.

Rev. Michael Benischek to Meridian UMC, effective July 1, 2021.  Rev. Benischek currently serves Oregon City UMC.  

Trista Wynne to Tillamook UMC effective July 1, 2021.  Trista is a certified candidate for ministry in the Columbia District and currently working as Director of Ministry at Gresham UMC.  

Rev. Thomas Orquiza-Renardo to Oregon City FUMC, effective July 1, 2021.  Rev. Orquiza-Renardo currently serves Faith UMC in Troutdale, Oregon.

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