June 15, 2022

Annual Conference 2022

 Members of Annual Conference, clergy and lay

  • You will receive an email later this week with
    • Zoom link for the sessions
    • Your voter ID so that you can vote
    • A single packet of reports and legislation to facilitate you following along during the session
  • Be sure to review the reports and proposed legislation at before hand so that you are prepared for the discussions and votes.
  • Is this your first time to participate in an Annual Conference Session?  You might find our orientation video helpful; click here to view.  
  • Register for the Cascadia District Gathering on Wednesday, June 22nd for a celebration of Cascadia District ministries this past year. 
  • Find information at 
  • If you have questions or need help, you can email or call the AC Help Line at (503) 802-9206.  These are monitored 9-5 every day and during the sessions.  

Not a voting member of AC, but want to know what's going on?

  • *Visitors do not need to register, but can watch the proceedings online in real time via live stream on the Conference YouTube channel
  • Sessions will be recorded and shared on the Conference website,, but probably not until after the week of AC is over.  
  • You can find the reports and legislation which will be considered at the AC Session at
  • Register for the Cascadia District Gathering on Wednesday, June 22nd for a celebration of Cascadia District ministries this past year. All are welcome!

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Cascadia District Gathering!
Make A Joyful Noise!

As the 2022 Annual Conference Session is online again this year, we cannot gather for our annual lunch and district celebration.  

So, we're planning another Zoom party!!  This year's theme is "Make A Joyful Noise!" We'll gather online on Wednesday, June 22nd at 7 p.m.

All Cascadia District clergy and lay members of Annual Conference are invited . . . but so are any other Cascadia District folks who are interested in celebrating God's faithfulness to us in this past year of challenges and surprises!  Some advantages to Zoom gatherings are that you don't have to plan travel time, or find a parking space, and you can bring your own snacks!  And the room won't get too full.  All are welcome!!

We'll celebrate the ministry done throughout the district this past year, and probably do some dreaming about the future.  We'll recognize those who have labored among us and are retiring or moving to a new district.  We'll welcome new colleagues to our district family.  And we'll see if we can't have a few surprises as well.

Plan to have some noisemakers on hand for making a joyful noise:  singing bowls, kazoos, hand drums?  What can you think of?

We hope you will join us.

Register here. to receive the Zoom link.  

Annual Conference Special Offering 
to Benefit Tongan Relief

On January 15, 2022 a large eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Unga Ha'apai volcano created ash fall on the main Kingdom of Tonga island, Tongatapu, blotting out the sun.  Ash and small stones rained down from the sky.  As a result of the eruption, a tsunami struck the Tongan capital Nuku'alofa as well as the west coast of Tongatapu, 'Eua and Ha'apai islands.

The damage was extensive and relief has been slow due to the communication issues involving a damaged undersea cable and the relative isolation of the Tongan islands.  

United Methodists have a special relationship with Tonga and her people.  

The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the largest religious group on the islands, representing 36% of the population. Christianity was introduced to Tonga in 1822 by Methodist missionaries, pre-dating the arrival of Methodism in the Northwest in 1834, when Methodist missionary Jason Lee arrived at Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River. Tongans are our spiritual elders, embracing the Methodist movement ten years earlier than Northwesterners.

When Tongans immigrated to the Greater NW, they turned to The United Methodist Church to establish faith communities. Today Tongans gather for worship in six local churches or fellowships that identify as Tongan and are active members of many more congregations in the Greater NW episcopal area.

On January 20th, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky sent out a call to prayer and action for Tonga.  The choice of Tongan Relief to be the recipient of our 2022 Annual Conference Special Offering continues that concern for the people of Tonga and solidarity with our fellow Tongan United Methodists here whose family members and friends have been affected by this tragedy.  

You can begin promoting and collecting this offering in your local churches now to share during the AC Session.  You can give now as well at this link  All three annual conferences in the GNW will be giving to this cause through our AC Sessions.  The giving platform says "Pacific NW Conference" because they had the technology, but it is for all of us!

Related:  An effort by Lents Tongan Fellowship

The General Commission on Religion and Race invites you to participate in the Racial Justice Prayer & Action Challenge. Beginning on Juneteenth (Sunday June 19, 2022) we will post daily prayers on social media for six weeks. We’ll also include weekly challenges to help you put your prayers into action.
We challenge you and your church to join us by doing each of the following:
  1.  Pray with us each day. Share the prayer on your social media and ask your friends to pray too.
  2.  Take action. Each week we will suggest anti-racist actions, pick one and do it.
  3.  Incorporate the liturgy in worship. We will offer liturgies for each Sunday during the challenge.
  4. Host a community prayer service for racial justice. Use the litanies, scriptures, and prayers below and invite other faith communities to participate.

Find more information and the resources here:



Sunday, June 19
Beginning of 6-week Racial Justice: Prayer and Action Challenge
AC Session Opening:
Episcopal Address
GNW Area Laity Address
Wednesday, June 22
Cascadia District Gathering
Thursday, June 23

Oregon-Idaho AC Plenary Session
Friday, June 24
 Commissioning and Ordination
Saturday, June 25
Closing Worship:
Some business,
Celebration of Bishop Stanovsky,
Friday, July 1
New appointments begin!
See changes in Cascadia District below

Prayer Calendar

June 12 - 18

Persons in Ministry outside the local church:

Troy Taylor and Hope Montgomery,
Camp Director and Program Director at Camp Magruder

Jane and Daniel Petke,
Directors at Suttle Lake Camp

Dan Benson
Director at Alton L. Collins Retreat Center

Shirley and Don Knepp
Conference Archivists

Jill Plant, Deacon
Music Teacher
Warm Springs K-8 Academy

Dylan Hyun
Chaplain, US Army Reserves

Laura Jaquith Bartlett
Conference Ministerial Services Manager

Scott Ostlund
Assoc Dir of Theological Admissions, Drew University

Ben Hartley, Deacon
Professor, Seattle Pacific University

Steve Heitkamp
Director, Horizon Hope Counseling Center

June 19 - 25

Rev. Peg Lofsvold
Medical Leave

Rev. Joyce Sluss
Transitional leave

June 26 - July 2

Retired Clergy with charge conference relationships in Cascadia District churches:

William Apel, Dave Beckett, Ron Borden, Janet Burkhart, Penny Christianson, Ron Crandall, Karen Crooch, Dexter Danielson, Gwen Drake, Jonathan Enz, Janet Farrell, Arturo Fernandez, Jim Fiske, Judith Fiske, Chuck Foster, Jim Frisbie, Rinya Frisbie, Rhoda Fuentes, Edson Gilmore, Mary Ann Googins, Nancy Hart, Bill Hays, Annis Henson, Lee Hunefeld, Quinton Kimbrow, Sandy Kimbrow, David Kinman, Jon Langenwalter, Thom Larson, Bob Ledden, Peggy Luckman, Lane McGaughy, Larry Monk, Jerry Nelson, Sue Owen, John Pitney, Debbie Pitney, Ken Plummer, Michael Powell, Donna Pritchard, Lynn Rabenstein, Ron Ray, Mike Runyon, Carol Seckel, Kevin Seckel, Becca Shields, Karen Slotta, Judy Smith, Wes Taylor, Dan Thompson-Aue, Charlie Wallace, John Watts, Don West

See the whole Prayer Calendar by clicking here

Cascadia District Appointment Announcements

The Bishop expects to appoint .

  • Rev. Jorge Rodriguez Vasquez to Hillsboro FUMC and Hillsboro Hispanic + Latinx Ministries full-time effective July 1, 2022.  Current Hillsboro FUMC pastor Clay Andrew expects to be appointed to Lake Oswego UMC
  • Trista Wynne as Coordinator of Tillamook County Methodists United, 1/4 time effective 7/1/2022.  She will continue in her 3/4 time position as pastor of Tillamook UMC.
  • Rev. Karen Shimer to Wilsonville UMC half-time and Carus UMC half-time effective July 1, 2022.  Rev. Shimer is currently serving Carus UMC three-quarter time.  Wilsonville is currently being served by Rev. Dylan Hyun, who expects to be appointed to Oak Grove UMC effective July 1, 2022.
  • Pastor Michele Holloway to Marquam UMC half-time effective Sept. 1, 2022.  Pastor Holloway is currently serving Baker UMC and Haines UMC in Sage District. Marquam UMC currently has no appointed pastor.
  • Rev. Linda Quanstrom to Cornelius UMC quarter-time effective July 1, 2022.  Rev. Quanstrom retired in 2020.  Cornelius UMC currently has no appointed pastor.
  • Celeste Deveney to Nehalem Bay UMC three-quarter time effective Sept 1, 2022.  Celeste is from the PNW AC and will be licensed as a local pastor.  Rev. Steve Wolff, currently serving Nehalem Bay UMC, will retire effective July 1, 2022.
  • Rev. Martha "Marty" Williams to Canby UMC half-time and Clarkes UMC half-time effective July 1, 2022.   Rev. Williams is currently serving Clarkes UMC half time.  Canby is currently being served by Rev. Dylan Hyun, who expects to be appointed to Oak Grove UMC effective July 1, 2022.
  • Rev. Laura Beville to Silverton UMC half-time and to the Conference Staff Position of Ministry Resource Specialist half-time effective July 1, 2022.  Rev. Beville currently serves Silverton UMC half-time and Trinity ELCA in Silverton half-time.
  • Rev. Jill Plant half-time to the Central Oregon Connectional Ministry Project effective July 1, 2022.  Rev. Nicole Berry held that position this past appointment yea.  She will be appointed to Wesley UMC in Eugene.  


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