Tending the Fire - From Camp and Retreat Ministries

We are excited to bring you Tending the Fire, a deeper look at the people who make up Camp and Retreat Ministries.  Each month we will share a story from our campers, donors, staff and volunteers and what impact Camp and Retreat Ministries has had on them, and them on us.  We hope these stories will educate you, uplift you and inspire you to get involved in whatever ways you can.

"Of course you want to!"

Karen Nelson always loved camping. She was a Girl Scout throughout middle school and high school, honing her leadership skills as a counselor in training, a group counselor and was looking forward to her next opportunity in the scouting program.

“Of course you want to!” The words from her friend Betsy Stiller are clear in Karen’s mind today. Betsy, a long-time camper, counselor, all around servant at Suttle Lake Camp, was asking Karen to join her in working at Suttle Lake. Karen accepted her invitation.

The new venue offered Karen a place to explore her faith and express it in the camp environment that she loved. Karen exclaimed “It is expected to talk about God” at church camp. Her work at camp that summer “allowed me to integrate faith into every aspect of my life.” It informed Karen’s future career in ministry, too. “It taught me permission to speak my faith and the confidence to do it.”

“Every year camping is a part of my life. A joy! It strengthens my personal relationship with God. It makes me explore myself. I continue to grow” at camp.


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